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Who Are We?

We are real estate investors in the Tampa Bay Area, and we’re looking to expand our team! We buy, renovate, rent, and sell houses. To do this successfully, we need to find off-market properties that might be for sale.

Over the years, we have learned and developed strategies for finding and identifying properties that are vacant and distressed. You know… those properties you drive by everyday thinking “I wonder when someone’s gonna do something with that house?!”

The greatest part about what we do is help homeowners in the process!


We Save Homeowners From:

  Stress. We have dealt with just about every type of situation someone can have when selling a house. Whether its foreclosure, extensive repairs, inheritance, WHATEVER! We know how to navigate the process and get a house sold!

  Time And Money. It is not necessary to list a house on the market and hold showings for months. No need to keep paying the mortgage, taxes, insurance, HOA fees, and more while trying to sell. While others need to get approved for a mortgage and fight through neogtiations with agents, we create win-win deals, QUICK!

  Repairs. When houses need too much work, they will not pass inspections for people to get mortgages. Often times, homeowners do not have thousands of dollars and time to do the repairs. Since we have Cash and buy As-Is, we are the go-to in these situations.

  Realtor Commissions. No need to pay thousands in commissions when you can work directly with the buyer!

What We Need From You:

  Positive Attitude

  Willigness To Learn

Drive To Take Action And Succeed

Our program is simple. Once your application is approved, you will have access to our training videos, documents, and personal support. We will make sure you have everything you need to start finding leads right away!

You will be able to submit all your leads directly through the website. We will start marketing to your leads right away. When your lead responds and we make a deal, you get paid $500!

Want to make $1,000?! Get in personal contact with a seller and call us quickly! We will take over the process, and if there is a deal to be made, we will make it!

As for the negotiations and paperwork… we will handle it for you! Just work with us and to find leads, and we will help you make deals!

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The Choice Is Yours.

Most people are too afraid to take the necessary action to achieve their dreams. When done right, real estate is a POWERFUL tool to build wealth and design the life we want. We’re not claiming you will “get rich quick” from our program. What we are claiming, is that our program will teach you the strategies necessary to start.

The rest is up to you! Get Started Now!